Dear Yello-friends,

the whole Yellotools team is missing you! You know how much we enjoy to discuss, talk shop, do nonsense and drink one or two beer with you on fairs, road shows or on our once-a-year WACHRÜTTELN! And be sure, I am missing you the most. That’s why I have waited until the bitter end, comparing all facts until I made the decision if our in-house fair will take place or not.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I decided to cancel WACHRÜTTELN for the first time within 12 years. The reason is simply, that your health and the health of my dear employees is most important to me.

The risk of spreading that damn virus around Germany by us is still way to high – especially because of the increasing number of cases. Please try to understand my decision and be sure that thousands of angels and devils were fighting inside of me!

But nobody less than Mister Justin Pate from “TWI” (The Wrap Institute) decided personally to send one of his “Wrap Institute LIVE events” to all of you. He will be there for you with us in Windeck at least online and he will answer all your questions with practical examples. So, if you have questions about PPF – paint protection film, car wrapping or other objects you want to wrap, please send them by August 30. 2020 and Justin will answer them in his LIVE event.

Of course already paid tickets will be paid back- our service team will contact you soon.

Please be sure this decision wasn’t easy for me at all. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I am trying to be close to you all over the world. But it is different this year and we want to make our contribution, that it’ll be safe and calm as usual again, so that we can celebrate WACHRÜTTELN TWICE AS PHAT next year again.

We are here for you and are looking forward to see you again.

Yours Michel and Team.